Investigative Policy


  • A full site survey of the location will be undertaken prior to the actual investigation
  • You can specify the degree of access allowed.
    • Supervision only acceptable in historic locations.
    • Any health and safety issues will be noted and we are prepared to sign a disclaimer.
  • We will respect your location/property and not cause any disturbance or damage to it.Any equipment used will not cause any damage to the location.
    • You will be reimbursed for any accidental damages caused.
    • Only free standing or hand-held equipment will be used.
    • Any wires will be held down with non-marking tape.
  • By allowing us access to your location you allow us to publish any evidence gathered.


  • We are actively looking for paranormal evidence. Any evidence captured that cannot be satisfactorily explained will be categorised as “unexplained” rather than jumping to conclusions and categorising as Paranormal.
    • Evidence will not be exaggerated in any way and a rational explanation will always be sought.
    • We will always attempt to debunk apparent evidence.

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