Okehampton Castle

On Sunday 28th July a visit was made to Okehampton Castle in Devon, just on the outskirts of Dartmoor. This an English Heritage site and open to the public during the day but permission to visit out of hours couldn’t be obtained.

This is the remains of the largest castle in Devon, in a stunning setting on a wooded spur above the rushing River Okement. Begun soon after the Norman Conquest as a motte and bailey castle with a stone keep, it was converted into a sumptuous residence in the 14th century by Hugh Courtenay, Earl of Devon, much of whose work survives. After the last Courtenay owner fell foul of Henry VIII in 1538, it declined into an allegedly haunted ruin. Apparently a coach of bones is seen on certain nights.

So using my iOvilus, a discreet EVP session was conducted as well as numerous photo’s taken. Nothing strange appeared in any photo and the EVP’s were certainly inconclusive. However, there were occasional references made to murder and someone called Anne. The device was pretty quiet on the whole and only responded, in some circumstances, to my questions. This does not mean that I am concluding the responses to be valid or intelligent, merely documenting what happened.Okehampton CastleOkehampton Castle 2

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