Looking for somewhere to investigate

Yes indeed we are! We’ve got the kit, we’ve got the know-how and we’ve certainly got the abnormal!

Seriously though, we take our paranormal investigations very seriously indeed. All we need is your invitation to stay overnight and we will provide you with a summary of any evidence found:

Video, Sound Clips, Pictures

You will receive a copy of these free of charge in exchange for your hospitality. If you are a business (Pub [Old Inn], Historic Place (open to visitors) etc.) we will advertise your location on our site too including links to your own sites where applicable! Just use our contact form here and we’ll get right back to you.

You can read our investigative policy here

One thought on “Looking for somewhere to investigate

  1. Well we tried to gain access to some English Heritage sites but have been politely turned down. Apparently it costs a lot of money ! 😦

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